Welcome to Banner Creek Designs!  Our motto is 'Patterns that are FUN'!  We definitely have a ton of fun creating these patterns and we hope you will have as much fun putting them together.

Are you tired of the same old patterns? At Banner Creek Designs, we pride ourselves on the versatility of our pattern line. They are customer and shop owner friendly, with clear, concise and well illustrated instructions. Most of our patterns have fabric and assembly instructions for multiple sizes. You won’t have to do the calculations! We feel you will be pleased with our quality and variety.

At Banner Creek Designs, we take a lot of pride in how clear and easy to follow our instructions are and every pattern is a Banner Creek Designs original.

Banner Creek Designs sells only to wholesale buyers.  If you are a retail customer, ask your Local Quilt Shop owner to carry these patterns or order them from Quilting on the Square